Accelerating the development of floating wind in Scotland

Environmental Impact Assessment

A comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been undertaken by UK-based, internationally recognised, consultants for the onshore and offshore elements of the project. EIA is a process which identifies and assesses the potential significant environmental effects of a project, informs the design of the project from an environmental perspective, and sets out standard industry and additional mitigation measures to eliminate or minimise the project’s effect on the environment.

The project team will continue engagement with key environmental and conservation stakeholders and other relevant consultees throughout the determination process. Documents that have been prepared for the EIA application are available in the Document Library.

Pentland has shared additional information with Marine Scotland to support offshore consenting process. This additional information is regarding the marine physical processes, water and sediment quality and ornithology assessments. Access the accompanying documents, here:

PFOWF addendum of additional information

Electricity Act 1989 public notice

In order to understand the local environment, potential impact from the development and how the project can reduce and mitigate impacts, the Environmental Impact Assessments included the findings from a range of surveys and studies conducted in the local area.

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